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TWS Cloudfilter

TWS Cloudfilter for iOS allows users, running a Bristol TWS Filtering service, to integrate browsers with their central filtering service.

The TWS Cloudfilter will send all URL requests to a Bristol TWS Policy Service to filter each URL when installed. The Bristol TWS Policy Service is configurable in this application to be set to any deployed system by any Bristol TWS customer. The policy service can be password protected by the Administrator of the policy service by setting a Client Filter uninstall password.

When using the TWS Cloudfilter the following data is transmitted to the Policy Service for filtering purposes:

The complete URL of each web request and all elements on a web page
The account name of the user signed in
The IP address of the workstation as seen by the Policy Service

The sole purpose of the TWS Cloudfilter is to filter all URL requests and to extend the Bristol TWS Policy Service and Client Filter platform to the iOS devices.

The TWS Cloudfilter for iOS is free but does require a Bristol TWS Policy Service to be installed and configured.