Triumph Recipes – Thriamvos Pasta

The “Triumph Famagusta Pasta Factory” was founded in 1953 in Famagusta and has been ever since producing quality pasta using the best raw materials and fresh ingredients, under the seal of “Triumph”.

In this app you can find our finest recipes with detailed instructions on how to cook the perfect meal.

Featuring different food categories like vegetarian, traditional or seafood to suit the appetite of everyone.

The app is offered in English and Greek language. It will automatically detect the language of your mobile phone and adapt. Separate recipes can be translated manually for further convience.

Offline functionality is also offered, so you do not need to worry about having a stable internet connection. This can be done by downloading the app and enabling offline functionality via the sidebar.

The content is updated reguraly so stay tuned for the latest and most delicious recipies to come!