Trim & Proper – Trim Holdings, LLC

“Whatever your look is, we all want to look our best. All the time.
But traditional barbershops are behind the times, inconsistent, and expensive.
So, you cannot afford to go as often as you would like.
And when you do, you do not always get the experience you deserve.

It is time to cut the BS out of barbershops.

We are Trim &Proper.

Our mission is to elevate your grooming experience by offering unlimited high-quality service for a flat monthly rate.

As a member, you can easily book appointments and manage your account using our app.

We do not believe in tipping. We believe in taking care of our barbers, so you do not have to.

And, after every appointment, your barber will update your profile with photos and notes. So, no matter who you see. We got you covered.

Life can be unpredictable. Your look does not have to be. Keep Trim & Proper.

Download our app today to book your first appointment.