Trend haute couture – Games Pill

《Trend haute couture》 use of rich raw material and all kinds of clothing to meet the customer, in the game, you run a unique dress custom shop, learn and design a variety of clothing, meet the needs of different customers!
Earn fat profits, upgrade and buy a variety of tools, challenge more levels!
Rich variety of men’s clothing!
– learn to design new styles to provide more colorful clothes.
Wear any outfit!
– learn all kinds of clothes, all can be free to match, become a trendy little talent!
Easy and easy!
– enthusiastic service, catering to the customization and demand of customers, tailored to each customer.
Nervous stimulation new level!
– more than 300 interesting and interesting levels that you can’t stop!
Upgrade new tools!
– upgrade tools to create the ideal high-end customized town!
All kinds of tools, help you to pass easily, not falling a star!
Open your custom clothing store and become a master designer.