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This travel guide is developed for all travellers and customers of Pinnacle Travel Singapore, to search for on-trip information of all major cities in Romania as part of our value-added services. You can use this mobile app during your trip to search for information and locations of what are near you such as food, bars, clubs, subway, shopping places, retailers, golf courses, spa etc. as well as weather report of each cities. The travel guide includes reviews of the places by customers, price level, photo gallery and even call the shop or places with a simple click.

In-addition, you may also use the search bar to search for any information near you, such as companies, universities, embassies, buildings and get travel directions with just a click.

The Pinnacle Travel Guide mobile app is free and is easy to use

Cities included for Romania are:
– Alba Lulia
– Arad
– Bacău
– Buzău
– Botosani
– Brăila
– Brasov
– Bucharest
– Constanta
– Craiova
– Cluj-Napoca
– Deva
– Galati
– Lasi
– Oradea
– Pitesti
– Ploiesti
– Satu Mare
– Sibiu
– Sighisoara
– Suceava
– Turda
– Târgu Jiu
– Târgu Mureș
– Timisoara
– Tulcea

Features include:
– Search for places and locations in selected city
– Find places near you during trip
– View price level, ratings, images and direction map
– Read reviews by customers
– Check weather forecast of each city
– Connect and call with just a click
– and many more

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