Track Proximeter – Trackster Global Pty Ltd

The Trackster™ Proximeter app is utility for Trackster device proximity tracking from the Trackster Global Tracking devices that also support global tracking services, as well as other emerging proximity services.

The Proximeter app from Trackster Global requires an iOS iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 10 or higher and equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities.

With the Proximeter app you can scan for nearby Trackster devices.

Once discovered, you can display each Trackster asset description, including asset ID, photo and link back to history if you have permission from the sender using the Trackster Global App.

Scanning for Trackster
Scan for nearby Trackster by tapping the scan button.

Tap on the Trackster you want to locate and then follow the Proximeter toward the location of the device.

Each Trackster discovered is displays with the following summary details

– Trackster Device Name
– Trackster Asset Number

Reviewing Trackster Settings
Select any Trackster Name in the table to view the detailed location. The feature includes:

– Trackster Name
– Asset Name
– Distance from device
– Distance indicator

_Modifiable Settings
– Search by Trackster Name