Tok Blitz – Tokket

Tok Blitz is the inspirational and motivational quotes game! Play the game by correctly spelling the word that fills in the blank inside the quote. You are racing against time, so strike out the word quickly!

It’s a great game to play with friends and family during get-togethers for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions.

Play with quotes that are randomized or categorized! For every category star you earn, your rank goes up, as well as your knowledge!

Having difficulty? You can use strikes to eliminate letters or freeze the time. But if you still get the word wrong, the next letter will be revealed for you.

Join your friends or family on a team for special fun and bonding. Race against other teams you know or don’t know and see how fast you can complete the quotes! By playing multiplayer games with your team, you can earn rank points which will give your team a chance to make it on the Top 100 leaderboard. Win or lose, your team earns rank points so play as much as you can!

Played a quote that inspired you? You can save quotes after playing a game so you can play them again to remember those quotes. You can also share that quote immediately during a game to Facebook or Twitter!

Play Tok Blitz now – inspiration and motivation will strike!

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