Toeic (New) – Hoa Nguyen Quang

New TOEIC Test is an application for TOEIC® testers who desire to prepare for taking
TOEIC® test according to new format 2019. It is also good for those who wish to practice and improve their English. You can practice both Listening and Reading parts of the test everywhere at anytime. Once you start practicing on this app, it will track your performance to let you know your strengths, your weaknesses and what you need to concentrate more in order to get the best results.

Main features:
• The categories part covers all aspects of the exam: Photos, Question-Response, Short Conversations, Short Talks, Incomplete Sentences, Text Completion, Reading comprehension
• The answers with explanations will help you to understand and improve your skills more quickly
• It includes many new toeic test such as: ETS Toeic Test , Hacker new Toeic Test, New Economy Toeic Test to help you easily to evaluate your toeic score.
• Track your strengths and weaknesses.
• Support transcript.