TOEFL Practice 5 – Liu Songtao

One charge, lifetime use and free update. No more extra-expense. iPad support full version of “GRE Practice 5” same as website and desktop version. Support split-view multitasking. Please use browser, such as Safari, to visit HTTP://WWW.PEAKGMT.COM/INDEX.html for a preview in detail. On the website there are video introduction for the key functions of this app.

TOEFL Preparation:
Listening 500+
Reading Passage 300+
Vocabulary 5000

All in one solution for GRE/TOEFL test preparation.
Vocabulary, Verbal, Quantitative, Writing, Listening, Reading, etc.
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Authentic questions:
Text Completion 1368 Questions
Reading Comprehension 352 passages
Quantitative 842 questions

Key Features:
*Full Chinese Question Explanation Video (coming soon)
Full Question Explanations
Convenient for collecting and reviewing
Easily taking notes
Writing spell checker
Glean any words anywhere into Verbal Cards
Authoritative and Automatic dictionary lookup

Greece Latin Roots
All Popular Words

Simulated Questions
More than 20000+ questions

Simulated Test
Cracked GRE/TOEFL scoring algorithm
GRE Diagnosis

Convenient Noting & Reviewing
Full question explanation in Chinese or English

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