TimeCount – Day Counter – Hung Dao


• Countdown the years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes until your events.

• Keep track of the years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes since your events.

• Set multiple reminders to alert you hours, days, weeks, months or years before or after your events.

• Customize your alert message.

• Write notes for your events.

• Create an infinite number of events.

• Set out multiple events to be easily viewed with the Grid layout.

• Use carousel layout for a photos album-like experience.

• Resize events with regular, medium, large and huge options.

• Adjust the brightness of your event’s background to increase visibility.

• Find beautiful background photos on our online gallery.

• Or use your own photo from the camera roll as background.

• Set between Light and Dark modes.

• Auto mode detect your system’s settings and change to Light or Dark mode automatically (iOS 13 +).

• Share your progress with a full-resolution screenshot of your event.

• Tap and hold events, then drag to rearrange order.

• Reset button to set event date to current date.

• Intuitive swiping to use special features easily.

TimeCount is free to download but we also offer some premium features.

We’re always working on new features and we love hearing your feedback.

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