TicTackToe2020 – Savaliya Tejas

Tic tac toe app is a well known game app played by two persons who alternately place X’s and O’s upon a 3*3 playing field. The players first decide who will mark his moves with an X and who will go first.

Play proceeds with the opponents alternately placing their marks in any unoccupied cell. The object of the game is to be the first player with 3 marks in a row, where a row can be either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. If all the cells become filled the game is a draw.

In a tic tac toe game app, there are 8 possibilities to win the game. The possibilities are getting the three combinations horizontally, three combinations vertically or two combinations diagonally. Hence, the easiest way to find the way to determine the winner of the game is to check for these eight combinations as the game goes on.

Tic tac toe is the best online app which Tic tac toe game app helps player apply their logic and develop strategy. It prepares player for more complex games because they have to think of multiple things at one time. It helps develop coordination, fine motor skills and visual skills.

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