Thodex Cryptocurrency Exchange – Thodex Inc

Thodex serves globally and mediates exchanging of so many cryptocurrencies by proving safe cryptocurrency exchange experience to its user’s, that’s to its substructure.

It has begun to serve globally by getting FinCen MSB Licence form the USA and provides a brand-new experience for its user with lots of new features.

Thodex has lots of new functions from buying cryptocurrencies by credit card to Thodex Affiliate Program and provides easy using with it’s the most updates version. Thodex where the users can follow the graphics and trade whenever they want, also gets attention with advantageous commission rates and its substructure safety.

Besides these points, Thodex put the safe and practical trading experience to the core of its mobile application and offers so many new features to its users.


With the FinCen MSB licence received from the United States, Thodex goes beyond the boarders by offering services in America, Asia, and Europe that enables and allows users to operate globally.


Thodex places as much importance on safety on the application as much as its website. Thodex carried out its system which is focused on making all the transactions smoothly and keep their investments safely to the centre of its mobile application. At the same time Thodex aims to satisfy its users, offers 2FA mail confirmation system for their user’s safety and it stores user’s cryptocurrencies within high-security cold wallets.


It is not required to have cash to perform an action in Thodex. Users can buy cryptocurrency via their credit cards easily and they enjoy this experience.


Not only Bitcoin, Thodex offers over 20 varies cryptocurrencies for users that want to invest in altcoins. Ethereum, TRON, Monero, ZCash, EOS, Dogecoin, XPR and many more are listed in Thodex.


For users to benefit from further profitable trades, Thodex provides extremely low commission rates.


With the Affiliate Program, Thodex provides brand new opportunities, each user profits from every new user they invite. Users get commission from every transaction that is made by the ones whom where invited and became Thodex member by using the reference code that was created specifically for them.


Its live support team that provide services 24/7 in varies languages provide solution for its user’s problems in a short period of time


Thodex took a major step by setting up the first Bitcoin ATM in Turkey, and now they are working on making this network more common worldwide.

You can contact us any time via and our social media accounts for any sort of opinion and problems.