The Words Master – Vladimir Gordeev

Do you have great spelling skills? Or do you just want to test that out? Do you know the names of a lot of animal, birds and flowers? Do you love animal, birds and flowers? How many animal, birds and flowers’ names do you know? If you want answers to all of the above questions you are the right place Words Master is a great app to learn and practice those spell skills or just to know the names of animal, birds and flowers. We have made it so fun to do that. Words Master is a great app for children too, for learning the names of different animal, birds and flowers along with how to spell those. Words Master lets you select the category, then the game starts you’ll be shown the name of a animal, bird or flower depending upon the category you have selected, below will be its shuffled spelling along with a mix of alphabets you just have to make out the name of animal, bird or flower. Doing that correctly will earn you 5 points. Incorrect selection of alphabet will loose a life out of the three available lives. If you loose all three lives “Game Over”. But if you do everything nice and correct you might get a high score. Sounds fun right? So why wait. Start using Words Master.