The Mall, Inc. – The Mall, Inc.

The Mall ™ is a social e-commerce app that has modernized online shopping. The intuitive design allows users to seamlessly browse, discover, and shop distinctive brands and products, while simultaneously giving users the power to share their favorite styles and trends with their friends. The design allows brands to share their unique cultures with users on the app as well as capitalize on their sociability. Additionally, The Mall ™ connects users and brands through our “Your Weekly” feature. The feature suggests what brands and products a user would enjoy based on their activity on The Mall ™. Thereby, brands and users connect in a more meaningful way through advertising as opposed to other social media platforms. The Mall ™ has revitalized the social experience of shopping that has been lost in the transition from brick and mortar stores to online shopping. We have a unique approach to e-commerce and social media as we have married the two in a manner that other social media platforms have not achieved. Our approach allows us to take control of the entire market these brands operate in, from sales to marketing.