The Hearts – Flier

Challenge yourself and other people from all around the world in our colorful puzzle logic game The Hearts. Do you think that you can make it into TOP20 highscores?

The hearts is free to download and play with all the features unlocked.

* Our game The Hearts is a color blindness friendly – you can enable/disable a color blind mode in the main menu (top left corner) and you will play with different types of symbols instead of different colors only.


* 4 different game modes to choose from – Challenge, 60 Seconds, 20 moves & Hard
* Submit and share your points and review points of other people
* Some modes require a fast finger and other modes logical thinking
* Puzzle and brain game for all ages
* Simple to play with nice colorful design
* More games you play, better overall score you get


Slide your finger over at least 2 symbols of the same type in any direction to connect them, release your finger to remove the created chain and to get the new symbols to play with. Remember, longer chains you create, better score you get. In a challenge mode you must connect at least 5 hearts/symbols to get the new hearts, otherwise they will be removed. In a hard mode 6 hearts/symbols.

Have a nice time playing The Hearts and if you like the game please rate it. Your support helps us a lot in adding new features. Thank you!