The Fun Park – Nemanja Smiljanic

Create, play and share fun, inclusive and engaging learning games.

Fun Park is an open learning platform for various types of organizations and individuals who are interested in using games in education. After signing up and creating your account, you can easily set up the game. Shape the way of learning by creating fun, interesting, inclusive and engaging games.

Shape the way of learning whether you are a student, youth worker, teacher, trivia fun or lifelong learner! Whether you feel creative, want to learn something new or are up for some fun and competition – get the Fun Park! Create, play and host fun, inclusive and engaging learning games. You can make a series of different types of questions: Multiple choice questions, Yes/No questions, etc. Add videos, audios and images to your questions to amplify engagement. Use badges to motivate your players. Play, learn and have fun with the Fun Park!

Types of Questions:

1.Yes/No question – Choose the right answer.

2. Two answers – Pick one of two offered answers.

3. Four answers – Pick the right answer based on four options

4. Picture/video game – Answer the question which is related to the picture or video on your screen.