The Farm by Beau Beard – Swing by Swing Golf, Inc.

The FARM is cutting-edge chiropractic, rehab, and performance clinic that combines the latest in functional rehab, exercise science, nutrition, strength and conditioning, biopsychosocial, manual therapy, taping, and much more to make your return to health as smooth as possible.

The FARM’s mission is to provide the highest quality, comprehensive healthcare in an empowering and educational manner, and this app is the digital extension of our clinic that allows us to have a larger reach to achieve our mission. We hope you find value, pain relief, education, improved health, and fun in the FARM app.

In the app you will have access to everything needed to to improve your health, mobility, nutrition and more with The Farm:

*Live Social Feed where Dr. Beau and The Farm team will provide content and posts to help their patients in real-time.
*All Access Video Library where Dr. Beau Beard provides in depth drills, movements, and instruction to help improve range of mobility, alleviate pain, work on stretches all on the go.
*A Locker where the users can store videos of their movements to submit along with questions to The Farm staff to receive consults to help where they need it the most.
*Access to membership-only Questions to The Farm staff for personal improvement.
*Access to in-person appointment bookings where users can schedule time with The Farm staff and get the most out of a face-to-face consultation with the team.
*Access to other important links, such as The Week In Review Podcast, The Dr. Beau Show, Seminars, and more!