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[Product introduction]
1. Compliments the cognitive and developmental processes of children aged 4-10. The daily English word learning application for children is developed by the Sino-US teaching team.
2. Contains handwritten alphabet recognition, pictures and text, thematic visual aids, language learning boards with varying levels of difficulty, and diverse tasks and challenges. A variety of real-life situations and themes are continuously updated with expanding content and to promote growth in learning.
3. Write as you write, use both your hands and brain to learn efficiently. Multi-dimensional training of children’s language, listening, thinking, memory, imagination and aesthetic ability.

[Plate Details]
1. Handwriting recognition alphabet: 26 letters combined with typical words for graphic illustration, guided handwriting teaching, writing while writing, and using both brain hands to enable children to understand and remember letters more intuitively.
2. Contextual and Interactive Picture Book: Learn and collect words, gradually open beautiful interactive scenes. Enable children to understand the meaning of words and use them more intuitively.
3. Word learning board: teaching words in one by one, combining handwriting exercises and the pure pronunciation of North American foreign teachers. Use practice and repetition so children can use English more idiomatically.
4. Rewards and incentives: Hundreds of tasks are matched with different medals and rewards. This content is continuously updated to maintain relevancy and enthusiasm to motivate the children’s continued, long-term learning.

[Product Features]
1. Exquisitely styled picture book filled with words: delicate children’s illustration, combined with situational word learning, enable children to enjoy the scenes and expand their vocabulary at the same time. Promote improved memory and stimulate learning interest.
2. Pure American pronunciation: North American foreign teacher professional dubbing, allow children to hear authentic American English.
3. Handwriting recognition: The alphabet and word learning boards are equipped with handwriting recognition. Use both brain and hands to promote learning.
5. For practical purposes, the Chinese and American education teams have jointly developed and covered a variety of daily life themes. It will be continuously updated to provide children with an expanding range of practical expressions.
6. Continuous motivation: Post interesting learning tasks daily with beautiful medals to continue to encounrage children to learn.

[subscription plans]
1. After 7 days of free trial, we provide users with two subscription methods: Weekly Plan, Yearly Plan(33% discount)
2. All payment fees will be confirmed through iTunes account purchase.
3. During the free trial period, you will not pay any fees. If you think “Beautiful Words Book” is good, then you do not need to do anything! Your subscription plan will automatically renew after the free trial expires and pass your iTunes Account deduction.
4. The subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.
5. The next renewal fee will be charged to the account within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.
6. The current subscription cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period.
7. You can manage subscriptions and turn off automatic subscriptions in your iTunes account settings.
8. If the user purchases the app before the trial period ends, the remaining unused trial time will be automatically invalidated.

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