Telewave PDM – Telewave Inc

Telewave’s RF Portable Digital Meter (PDM)  represents the latest generation of Wattmeter technology, addressing the more demanding requirements associated with digital modulations such as P25, DMR, and TETRA. Telewave’s PDM provides a variety of calculated values including Average Power, Peak Power, Reflected Power, Crest Factor, VSWR, Return Loss, and Frequency.

This application reads the data of the Telewave’s PDM devices and displays it to the user.

Features that are part of the application are: –
1. Securely provisioning of the Telewave PDM, where the application shares the details of the Access point to PDM device to get connected.
2. Adding Telewave device into the application to see the diagnostic details. Application also provides options like renaming and removing of the device from the app, etc.
This application maintains information of the Telewave PDM wattmeter’s specific to the Device in which it is added.