Tele-Locqum Providers – Locqum LLC

Tele-Locqum is a complete tool for healthcare providers.

Tele-Locqum helps support patient engagement and practice management .This mobile app includes essential on-the-go features of a Virtual Practice enabling you to manage patients and your practice wherever you go. The app is free to download and use.

Manage your time more effectively, improve patient health outcomes with personalized and continuous care, and earn more revenue.

· Video Consultations: Wound checks, as well as supporting and reassuring patients online and out of the office. Ideal for patient follow-ups.
· Remote Patient Monitoring: Improve health outcomes by remotely monitoring your patients on personalized healthcare plans. Ideal for patients that need chronic care management or after hospitalization.
· Text-based consultation: A convenient way to answer a patient query.


View details of:
· Medications
· Health conditions

Health trackers
· Medical test reports
· Allergies
· Surgeries & procedures
· Vaccinations

Patients can also access their records through your Virtual Practice.


· Appointments: Efficiently manage your time by displaying your availability. Confirm, reschedule, or cancel appointments using the app. Your patients will receive SMS and email reminders about upcoming appointments to prevent no-shows.
· Billing: invoice patients and accept patient payments through your Virtual Practice.
· Notes & Prescriptions: Add clinical notes and prescriptions.