TechCircle – Hubilo Softech Private Limited

Technology is transforming lives and businesses globally. Right from Space X sending a car to outer space to providing electricity to a village in Chennai to imparting education in rural African village to disrupting healthcare in US; technology has touched it all.

Even closer to home, technology has changed and opened a gamut of opportunities across industries. From healthcare, fintech, food & agro, education, enterprise tech, energy to aerospace; Indian tech has changed the game not just internally but is also leaving indelible mark on the global platforms. Further, given the tech advances, India ranks in the top five nations solving social issues with innovative solutions. With this sharp incline in tech development, no wonder, the tech giants are equally excited about the space as startups. The result was that the space saw investments of staggering $13.8 Billion in the year 2017, almost 3x than what it was in 2016.

While all the advancements and investments present a promising picture on one side, the associated stakeholders to move further have a very clear expectation from the tech space on the other hand– decoding the tech advances today to leverage them tomorrow. This includes forming strategies to create a functional digital India, enhancing the pace of enterprise tech revolution, ensuring more startups become unicorns, and ascertaining high rate of returns to the VC/PE investors.

However there are series of challenges that need to be addressed before tech space can be really decoded. VCCircle is organizing a one day conference, bringing together stalwarts and visionaries from the tech world to discuss solutions and strategies that help will stakeholders to achieve the expectations. Focused on the theme of “Tech tomorrow” this conference will host series of fireside chats, face off debates, panels and keynote addresses along with parallel and showcase sessions.