TCube – Cloud Working Platform – LEAP Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

Mastering work easily

TCube is a free application for enterprises oriented cloud working platform with multiple functions made by LEAP.

TCube has various functions like “Intelligent Attendance, Field Staff Management, Online Approval, Project Collaboration,
Log Report, Task Management” and office apps like “Notification, Meeting, Note, Contacts, Reports etc..” Which will facilitate the business management process for directors, and help improve the efficiency within the business.

【Core functions】
-[Intelligent Attendance]: Able to pin location in a smart way, multiple shifts sign-in, attendance statistics, mastering
attendance records easily.

-[Field Staff Management]: Supporting field locating, field sign-in, attendance statistics for field staff, mastering field staff’s location and status easily.

-[Online Approval]: Various approval templates, deal with approval anytime anywhere, new online working style leads to high efficiency.

-[Project Collaboration]: Supporting setting up multiple projects, clear info about responsible person of the task, real-time project progress and task-executing management.

-[Log Report]: Convenient communication between supervisor and subordinate anytime anywhere, and mastering working info easily.

-[Task Management]: Supporting work assignments, clear info of the task and its responsible person, view latest moments, members can easily understand the contents of work with a glance and work more efficiently.

-[Office Apps]: Convenient office apps: Notification, Meeting, Note, Contacts, Report etc.. making work more easier.