Tasksort – Tasksort Development Lab

Tasksort is a new to do-app that makes it amazingly easy for you to manage your tasks! Within a few minutes you will able to sort your tasks by deadline, priority and projects. Tasksort will also create a customized to-do list for you combining data on both deadlines and priorities. And best of all – it’s completely free!

Tasksort will help you plan your day intelligently and to become more efficient. And becoming more efficient will give you more time to do all the fun stuff in life in addition to all the necessary stuff. Tasksort can help you plan the tasks you need to do and remember all the fun stuff you want to do.

A key feature of Tasksort is that it allows you to easily set both deadline and priority and it enables you to sort your tasks fully according to both these dimensions. But you can also sort according to the To do-dimension that combines information about deadlines and priorities to give you a unique overview over your most important tasks right now.

Creating new tasks is a breeze in Tasksort, and editing tasks is even easier. You can change the deadline and priority of tasks by simply dragging and dropping the task between two other tasks.

A simple sort function and a colorful design helps you get a clear overview even if you have hundreds – or perhaps even thousands – of tasks. Tasksort is the ultimate productivity app that will make you highly efficient!