Tapia – Waz Craft

Welcome to the cube planet Tapia.

Tapia is a challenging sliding puzzle game where you slide and merge tiles on the planet Tapia to build up terrain. You are the Finnish spirit of the forest, Tapio. Watch over your world. Grow forests. Shift mountains. Move oceans. How long can you keep Tapia evolving?

How to play:

Rotate tiles from one side to another to line them up and merge them together.

Slide matching tiles together to build up terrain and score points.

Spin the planet around to see all the sides.

On Hard difficulty, a new tile appears every time you slide or rotate tiles.

On Easy difficulty, a new tile is added every time you slide tiles or when you rotate tiles more than once.

Undos move tiles back to previous position. You must move tiles at least twice to start collecting undos again.

Flash Floods remove all Desert and Plains tiles from the planet.