With Tap24XRmap you can get inside of the Tap24h XR Stories through Augmented reality and Virtual
Reality world via Google Earth 3D map. Use your smartphone with Tap24XRmap and locate Tap24h XR
Business Cards through CONTACTLESS proximity sharing. Get a notification on your mobile phone where
it uses Bluetooth technology to send a signal to the Tap24hXRmap app on users phones or once you
are nearby the XR Business Card, you can get the XR Business Card shared with you via NFC (Near-
field Communication) or through QR codes. Every person, product, or company has a story and with a
simple tap you can experience XTENDED REALITY CARDS that you can share their amazing Tap24h
XR Google Earth Stories with friends…. Learn, explore…everything is possible with Tap24XRmap. Just
tap to exchange from Proximity to Loyalty.
1. Wherever the user sees a logo of Tap24hXRmap pointed to some image in the shape or form of QR
code or just plain image, the user will be able to open the new world of seeing things that are through
Tap24XRmap transformed into XTENDED Reality world.
Discover the new world by seeing things that normally you are not able to see by using Tap24h XR
2. Users follow up instructions:
a. Download Tap24XRmap app
b. Follow the XR story instructions by using Tap24h XR tools for full XR experience where
needed. Fill the screen with the image that is placed on a magazine, poster, banner for AR
c. View exclusive content with Tap24ARpromo App or via Web AR (no AR app needed). You can
even rotate AR image, resize, by moving the image with a two-finger swipe.
d. VR experience available to view a VR tour of XR stories.
e. Once the Tap24hXRmap app is downloaded, the user can use an integrated QR scanner to scan other
QR codes, especially those that share Tap24h XR Business Cards.
f. Bell icon inside of the app, once turned off can automatically disable incoming multiple
notifications from nearby XR Business Card or Cards, in case user remains in the proximity of XR
Business Card. It’s recommended not to forget to enable it again.
Attn: Tap24hXRmap recommends that user after using the Tap24hXRmap to properly close (exit the app)
or all open apps on a mobile device, specifically once that use camera, like Augmented Reality app, to save
the battery.