Tap-the-mole – Naman Swadia

This is a Simple Tapping Game

The Mole Cartoon image will display on the screen, it will display randomly on the screen and you have 3 second time to tap on that image if you hit then your scoreboard will keep updating

you have 30 seconds to play this game, play and check how many times you can tap the mole in 30 seconds, share your score with your friends and tell them to beat me in Tap-The-Mole

This game is very simple and fun playing to anyone it has a user-friendly design

You can also Play more game in by clicking on “other game” button it has a Choose Shape you have to Choose the Shape as shown in the screen

This Application contains multiple games tap the mole and choose a figure, so if the user can get bored from one game user can play another game in the same application