While our busy lifestyles today might not allow us the time to indulge in tailoring services, our love for custom made clothes has not diminished. This is where TailorSmart.in strives to bridge the gap. We are a service company specialising in Made to Measure items like clothing, shoes etc. Providing you with “Tailor at Home” service with just a click of a few buttons, we hope we provide you an experience you can keep coming back to. Never again should the hassles of visiting a tailor hamper you from a good fitted outfit – be it business wear, casual wear, Indian ethnic clothes, even shoes!.

TailorSmart.in brings to you the 100-year old legacy of skilled craftsmen whose simple endeavour is to ensure the best of fit for you. Now you can access the best of quality stitching and skilled craftsmanship at your door-step with TailorSmart.in. Book an appointment today to witness the seamless experience and revel in the new found ease of tailoring.

TailorSmart.in draws its roots from a family-run business that holds close to a 100 years of rich history. The business grew and thrived through decades, tailoring and serving the audiences in Pune. Pravin, a law graduate turned owner of the business took it to new heights, adding readymade and ethnic wear to its expertise.

In 2008, Pravin, along with an old friend, Joy conceptualized ‘Tailor at your doorstep’ service for enterprises. They incorporated a firm (which was later dissolved ) on this model. While a brilliant business model, it lacked a digital platform which would usher in the ease of selecting a fabric online. On their journey, Joy and Pravin met Pritam, a loyal customer and influencer who brought this idea on the table and joined them on the dream ride which is today, TailorSmart.in.

At TailorSmart, we envision ourselves as more than online tailoring service. We are striving to be a platform for bringing together and organizing the tailor community as well as the designer community. Read more about our initiatives below:

Refer a Tailor – Refer your nearby tailor to TailorSmart and make a difference to his life.
Budding Designers – Platform for young budding designers to showcase their designs on TailorSmart and earn a living.