Tagit Impulz – Impulz Inc

TagIt is a platform where users share their thoughts about topics without the boundaries of a questionnaire or the clutter of social messaging. Instead of connecting the people directly, TagIt connects them through the context of a common point of interest a.k.a the Topic. This enables anyone to communicate with anyone else in the same context without exchanging their contact information.

Got an opinion? Share it on TagIt! It is built with the assumption that the opinions are dynamic. The platform allows the users to share such impulsive opinions and also to visualize the big picture. It not only shows how the opinions change but also shows what had caused the change.

It is all in the real-time!!. TagIt analyzes the user comments as they arrive and make it available as visualizations. You never have to read hundreds of user comments to figure out what is important.

TagIt encourages user participation and promotes free speech. Users share their instantaneous thoughts rather than writing detailed reviews or answering questions. Typical user inputs on TagIt platform are short sentences which take only less than 15 seconds for submitting. Users can keep submitting their thoughts as and when they have it.

The platform allows you to connect with your audience in multiple ways. You can even collect thoughts from a person that you don’t even know.

In this busy world, we need a platform that helps us to stay focused, stay on top(ic), stay concise and stay aware. Checkout TagIt, visit https://TheImpulz.com