TabieDriver – Ahmed Shukri Alfayez

المشتركه مدارسهم بخدمه تابع من متابعه وتتبع حركه الحافله
ومن خلاله سوف يصلك
– تنبيه قبل وصول الحافله
– تنبيه عند وصول الحافله
– تنبيه عند دخول الابن الحافله
– حركه الحافله وموقعها
– تنبيه عند نزول الابن من الحافله
– اصدار تقارير بالدخول والنزول يمكن الرجوع إليها

اذا كنت صاحب مدرسه وتريد رفع من جوده الخدمه وتريد الحصول على الخدمه يشرفنا التواصل معك على
Tabie app is an app, which can be utilized by parents of students to be able to follow and track down the movement of the bus, only for schools that are subscribe tabie service.

By using the app, you will have the chance to receive the following:
• Notification prior bus arrival.
• Notification when bus arrives.
• Notification when the student gets into the bus.
• Notification when the passenger gets off the bus.
• Bus movement and location.
• Reports will be generated about getting in and out of the bus, which can be reviewed any time.

If you are, a school owner and you want to enhance the service quality and reputation of the school, Tabie app is an excellent choice for covering your requests. If you are interested in the app and have any enquiries, we will be honored to serve you through