Sysdyne View – Sysdyne Technologies LLC

Our new Sysdyne View App allows you to access all your Sydyne Cloud Based Applications in one place on your smart phone. In the initial release of Sydyne View, the app gives you, your customers and inspectors access to all the iStrada information with a single app on your phone. The new Sysdyne View App allows you to access all the features and functionality of iStrada with a single tap on your screen. Dashboards, Maps, Tickets and more. You can also manage customer invites, run reports, email tickets to customers, send out your driver call out right from the device located in your pocket. Everything you can do from your workstation at the office will now be available wherever you are in the world.

Coming soon – Concrete Go will also be available. The ability to monitor your batching from your iPhone, iPad or Mac will also be available following the official release of our Cloud Batch platform.