Swedbank plånbok – Swedbank AB (publ)

Welcome to Swedbank plånbok!

With Swedbank plånbok app you can add a card from Swedbank to Apple Pay and enrol to Masterpass.

To be able to use Swedbank plånbok you need to have Mobile BankID and a Mastercard debit card from Swedbank.

Add a card to Apple Pay
You can add a card from Swedbank to Apple pay with Swedbank plånbok app. Add your card in Apple Wallet and then verify with Mobile BankID in Swedbank plånbok app. When you have added your card, you can pay with Apple Pay through Apple Wallet.

Enrol to Masterpass
You also can use Swedbank plånbok to enrol to Masterpass for online purchases at merchants that support the service. When you connect to Masterpass your cards from Swedbank will automatically be available in the app. It is also possible to add more cards, change and add delivery addresses.

Read more about Swedbank plånbok on swedbank.se/swedbank-planbok.

Need help? Welcome to call us on 0771-97 75 12 (open 24/7 every day).

Information on the processing of personal data

When you use this app, Swedbank will process your personal data. Please find more information at swedbank.se for how we process personal data.