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Have you ever dreamed about being the Sole Ruler of a magical Fantasy World? It’s Time to reach this Dream now! Dive into a fabulous low poly/polygon style Idle Adventure. Regain the Control over the Fantasy World of the Swarm now!


• Beautiful and calming low poly/polygon style Fantasy World
• Rebuild, boost and upgrade Fighter Buildings and Gem Mines to earn Billions of Gems and raise your Fighting Power
• Find the perfect Strategy to reach a high level of Productivity: Upgrade Mines or Fighter Buildings? Your Decision matters!
• Be the Sole Ruler: Unleash powerful Skills to defeat the Minions of the Mystical Creature in epic Battles
• Offline Idle Progression: Earn Idle Profit and experience even when this Game is closed, without Internet Connection or you’re AFK
• No Paywall: No In-App Purchases and Ads yet
• More Fantasy Worlds coming soon

▶ Be the sole ruler ◀

An Aeon ago, evil Minions of a Mystical Creature came to harvest the Fantasy World of fabulous Creatures called “The Swarm”. It’s good that you’re here: You’re the Sole Ruler that the Swarm Creatures need right now! The Time has come to rebuild the Ruins of the destroyed Fantasy World, let the Swarm return from Exile and ultimately change their Destiny.

▶ Get rich, get mighty ◀

Let your Swarm Workers idle mine for Gems to get rich and become a Gem Billionaire! Get mighty by letting your Fighters idle train. Level up and unleash their powerful Skills to win epic Battles against the evil Minions of the Mystical Creature to regain the Fairy Tale Fantasy World Step by Step. Collect fantastic Treasures and fabulous Swarm Creatures to be the next Landlord Mastermind and undisputed Sole Ruler. Lead the Swarm Creatures to a happy Aeon and be the Sole Ruler they deserve!

▶ Find the perfect Strategy ◀

Be a Landlord Mastermind: Upgrade Mines to earn more idle Profit and reach a high Level of Productivity. Upgrade Fighter Buildings to level up your Swarm Idle Fighters and unlock mighty Skills. Find the perfect Strategy to progress: Invest in Mines or Fighter Buildings? Fight the evil Minions of the Mystical Creature now or later? How much Risk do you want to take when you chose your Reward for Defeating an epic Boss? Which mines idle Profit is worth a Boost? It is your Choice! You have nothing to lose – just win!

▶ Online and Offline AFK and Idle Progression ◀

As this semi casual Incremental Idle RPG also progresses when you’re not playing or AFK, you are free to play in your own Tempo, online or offline: Earn idle Profit and let your fabulous Idle Fighters level up even when the Idle Incremental Game is closed. This is no Idle Clicker and there’s no Internet Connection required to become the next Sole Ruler of this magic Fantasy World. Regain the Control over the Fantasy World Territories now!

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