Swag Machine – T Admin – Jtanz

Create and customize a slot machine game for users to play to win swag at your booth or kiosk.

Customize your own slot machine game. Upload images for each slot machine graphic as well as the slot machine background. This enables you to customize each game to whatever color scheme you want depending on the use case.

Set the chance of winning for each slot machine graphic and map them to prizes. You can keep track of the total inventory of prizes you want to give throughout the conference, exhibition or show you are at.

Once you have published the customized game and the client device has started to play the game, you can now watch a live stream of the results to hand out the prizes that coincide with the matching graphics.

Track and estimate your future swag inventories from previous results of completed games at earlier conferences, exhibitions or shows.

This is the tablet version of the Slot Machine Admin Application.