Suurp – Get anything done – Lakshay Bhatia

Benefits if you’re looking to earn:

– Little work for fun and earn out of it.
– Get notified when your offer is accepted.
– Chat with clients
– Low paying to high paying gigs
– You will never be unemployed again
– Anyone with a phone can earn
– Easy to do jobs
– No stress
– Earn how much ever you want to
– Time flexibility
– Work whenever you feel like
– No dress codes unlike other jobs
– See gigs on map and experience a great UX
– No spam
– Complete security

Benefits if you’re looking to get anything done instantly:

– Suurp is the easiest and fastest way to get things done.
– Post gigs anonymously.
– Now be productive with your daily tasks and only do things by yourself that matter.
– You don’t have to worry anymore about running your basic or complicated errands.
– Save time and money and let other’s do your tasks for you.
– Don’t have to hire professionals who charge a hefty amount of money to do basic things.
– After accepting offers for help, chat with your one-time​ employee.
– Pause or delete gigs anytime you want.
– Choose from hourly or fixed-pay.

We’ll be adding many more features for you.
Let us know how we can guide you, our team is available 24/7.