Superficial – Juan Gabriel Palomino Garcia

Superficial is a coloring book competition designed to help reduce stress and anxiety while providing users with a fun and playful experience. By filling in designs of various shapes and sizes using rhythmic finger tapping, you’re invited into a trance-like state that is as much restorative as it is addictive. Designed to provide the same benefits as meditation, Superficial keeps your mind in the present moment while your stress is left behind.

*HEALTHY* The premise of Superficial is playful, borrowing from the tradition of coloring books. An estimated 12 million adult coloring books were sold in the United States in the year 2015 alone. Coloring is not only a throwback to childhood, but also a unique, increasingly popular activity in the wellness sector. By creating semi and symmetrical forms, our game invites you into a meditative trance that is hard to achieve anywhere else.

*CREATIVE* Creativity is a key to stress relief, and Superficial makes creativity easy and cognition-free. Adults around the world use coloring to help overcome past traumas and current stressors, fend off depression, and manage the effects of modern life. When the mind focuses on any small task in a peaceful state, the sympathetic nervous system is reduced, heart rate and respiration slow down, and the muscles in the body relax. Your mind becomes alert and energized, and your creative juices begin to flow. With Superficial, you’re able to get all these benefits right on your iPhone screen.

*SOCIAL* Craving more social time? Us too. That’s why it was important to us that the game is designed as a friendly competition. With all the stressors in our world, it’s healthy for us to break from daunting, serious responsibilities and join together for something a little more, well, superficial! We turn our game into a competition to bring people together over something healthy and enjoyable. Metrics rank users and their friends on their levels of concentration and state of relaxation.

*DOSAGE* Superficial is best played on a daily basis for 20-30 minutes. We recommend you treat Superficial like learning a new habit, setting aside a certain time each day to absorb your mind in its routine. It can be morning or night, while you’re on the train, first thing in the morning, or while falling asleep in bed. If you want to start your Superficial meditation experience bit by bit, start with 5 minutes and increase it in 5 minute increments. Come enter the little world of Superficial, where you have control over what is begun and completed, where your health is our priority as well as your entertainment. Enjoy it just like you would enjoy a yoga class or a meditation session, and let us know your results on the App Store.

*ORIGINS* Superficial comes from the Latin word ‘superficialis’, which means, ‘of or pertaining to the surface.’ When our obsession began with creating beautiful mosaics in our free time, we couldn’t stop filling them in with color. We decided to bring this addictive activity to you as a way of delivering all the benefits of a mindfulness practice. Our team includes yoga, meditation and taichi experts from around the world. On the path to enlightenment, there are many tools. We’re pleased to provide you with one of our favorites, which is incidentally, our own creation. Enjoy!