Super Firo Jump – Jungle World – Nguyen Thanh Tuyen

Super Firo Jump – Jungle World Adventure is a super classic platformer game adventure.
Is a type of screen game classic like the old days. The game has high entertainment, beautiful graphics, and many interesting levels.
You will be fascinated when playing the first level with eye-catching graphics, simple gameplay but interesting.
Firo’s world has many screens to help you review your childhood and memories of classic games of the past.

*** Highlights:
– Beautiful game graphic
– Smooth gameplay and good experience, without lag
– Sound and music effect to make more addictive
– 5 different addictive worlds with 100 well-designed and challenging levels (updating)
– 5 awesome boost items to power up your character
– Over 7 different, great animated enemies such as dragons, snails, spiny bugs, bees, saw blades, spiders, snails and many more
– Full HD graphics and awesome gameplay reminding to retro classic games
– Small game size (~17M), suitable for many devices
– Absolutely FREE and can be played anytime anywhere

*** How to play:
– Eat harmer and then you can enable to through hammer to attack enemies
– The game has 4 buttons with 3 main functions: running, jumping, shooting hammer (attacking monsters – enemies).
– Press the left arrow to move left, press the right arrow to move right
– Press and jump 1 time -> Firo will jump 1 time, press again for a short time and then Firo will jump again (help your character jump higher)
– Pressing and holding for a while will make your character jump higher
– Collect all the coins (coins) in the game screen to gain the most stars

*** TIPs:
– In each screenplay (levels) there will be areas and mysterious areas. In these regions there will be many support items (boost items) and coins (coins), please try to find out okay !!
– Do not be too hasty in locations where the water pipe “waterpipe”
– Inside the bricks can have items (boost items) so you should try to break as many bricks as possible.
– Please upgrade the boost items priority: hammer, network… It will be very helpful for exploring each screenplay

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