Super Car Wash Game – Meta Dort

The carwash is quite far away, and the car gets dirty driving through puddles and foliage. But it is OK. After all our car wash garage is equipped with everything you just need to get the car cleaned. Place your car in the garage, Use detergent, water, and a washcloth to wash away the dirt, and then wipe, dry and polish the body of your little assistant to make it shine. You have all the necessary stuff for washing the car, cleaning, polishing, and tuning.

Wash your dirty vehicle and make them brand new! The game offers different tools such as sponges, water sprayers, and scrubbers to wash your car! Use mud cleaner to clean up the mud from the dirty sports car, wash the car with the water pipe. Spray it for more cleaning, pick your awesome car and bring it to the best car wash service station!

Select multiple auto vehicles at your own service garage as a repair car master. Clean, brush, polish and tune its hot wheels Unlock your favorite cars such as Hummer, Classics, Suvs, Police cars School bus, Sports cars and many more! If you do your job well, you’ll earn money to make more changes and get a professional license to clean new cars.


– Multiple vehicles to choose from
– Wash and rinse your car on time
– Clean the wheels very well
– Polish the exterior of your car

Game Features:

* Realistic sounds for car washing
* Different cool cars and vehicles to wash
* Several cleaning tools
* Unique Amazning graphics
* Stunning animations
* Challenging game play
* High Quality Graphics