Sugar AI – January, Inc.

Why should you care about your blood glucose levels? Because you want to feel great, stay healthier longer, lose weight, and have more energy.


1. Log your food, activity, weight, and water for 14 days
2. Integrate data from a heart rate monitor and a continuous glucose monitor
3. Receive personalized health insights in-app


• Nutrition Info for Millions of Foods – Find detailed nutrition information including macronutrients and micronutrients for 16M restaurant menu items, 1.1M recipes, 600K groceries with UPC codes, and approximately 20,000 standard food items

• World’s Largest Glycemic Database – View each food’s Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load (calculated by Sugar AI’s machine learning experts), comparing items to help decide which is healthier

• Food, Exercise, Water, and Weight Tracking – Log your foods, exercise activities, water intake and weight to see if you are successfully tracking toward your goals and receive personalized in-app reporting on your food and exercise habits

• Real Time Data and Insights – See your continuous heart rate and glucose data day by day and hour by hour, with insights into how different foods and activities affect your data.