StockNSell – StockNSell Inc

About Us:

We are the best and most secure way to buy & sell consumer electronics at the prices you want and the quality and condition you expect.


STOCKNSELL operates like a stock market for consumer goods. Buyers and sellers decide on the product they want and submit live offers/asks. When an offer is met, the order is processed live online.


To ensure you get the best price possible your live offer is sent. This offer is visible to thousands of sellers who will compete for your business. Don’t forget you should also use the buy now feature to make sure you don’t miss out on great live deals.


Sellers can now, for the first time, scroll through offers from buyers and accept live offers. These are firm leads that you/your business can utilize. If you don’t see any offers that work you can also post asks at your required price.

Product and Quality Assurance:

Our verified sellers are existing businesses with amazing pricing, infrastructure and most importantly they are reputable and maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction on their orders.

Non-verified sellers often are able to provide unbeatable deals selling unwanted gifts, prizes, or employee perks for cash. These items are shipped to STOCKNSELL and verified by our product experts. You can have peace of mind that the item you are buying is exactly what arrives at your door.

Want to buy or sell something that is not listed online?

STOCKNSELL lets you request a new product by simply submitting a link from any other website. We will do the rest of the work and usually will have the item available online in less than 24 hours.