Stickman’s Desert Catapult – Mahmud Hassan

Stickman Desert Catapult is a fun game with attractive graphics and endless gameplay. Become the legendary ace of the manor attack and obliterate the abhorrent adversary enemy with their catapult developments.

In Stickman Desert Catapult game you should assist the hitman turo with defending his castle and king from the attack weapons of the adversary.

Utilise the catapult to throw stones at the rivals and break their military systems and attack towers.

The Hitman warrior has a ton of weapons, shell, shield, warcraft and an enormous number of methods for barrier. Notwithstanding the catapult, you can pound the aggressors from the ballista and wreck them with precise gun shots. Toss stones, cannonballs, bombs, bolts and enchantment shells at rivals. Strategies are added to the game “The Catapult”.

The game has a straightforward instinctive control. Tap on the screen and dismantle to charge the sling and select the strain power. Discharge to dispatch the shot into the adversary.

For each struck foe you will gain coins which help you to purchase updates resources, for instance a bomb.

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Have a good game!