Stick Panda hero Stickman Game – Shahzaib Afzal

Party Panda hero ñ Stickman Rope Hero Legacy – The amazing rise of Super Panda in Stickman games series has shaken the worldwide game market. The unique environment, armor selections and survival mode gives the best look to followers and lovers of Stickman Fighting Games.

Stickman Rope Hero Legacy is a fighting game with extremely interesting and attractive features. Players will be playing the stickman Rope superhero and will never gets tired. Fight yourself against the gangster crimes in the open world game in legion of darkness. It is actually about mafia and clan fighting game in the gangster war. You need to perform special tasks to destroy everything in the very scale. Come to the top of the stickman world and complete many special tasks and become the head of the mafia in stickman legacy. Stick man Battle through dangerous arenas and become the ultimate fight! Fast paced lavish 3D tank action on your smart phone.

Take out your enemies with super cannons, heat seekers, and up howitzers. Battle against beast cunning enemies and become the mortal Tank master! Enter the open arena and perform amazing stunts & blows to defeat opponents by all means and become the unleashed super stickman rope hero legacy!

The fighting and shooting system of this game is completely different from other open world games. Boost your power up, speed, and accuracy with the unique strikes and legend fighting styles to earn points for each winning level. Your opponents use the old fighting styles including taekwondo, muay Thai, kung fu, boxing and previous techniques, show your highest top-level fighting skills to overcome all of competitors with the legendary of kung fu shadows karate style. Avoiding enemy attacks and cheat them and attack them before their plan and this will lead you to the victory for sure.

Enjoy hearing the sweet screams of your victims with your special perform physical tricks and mercilessly. Destroy them, or cheat them with shot gun fire and vanish their remains with the overclock flamethrower.