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Stay in touch with just a touch!

StayTouch is bringing you the next generation of contactless information exchange. Manage and update your contacts and calendar automatically, efficiently and in environmentally friendly manner.

The StayTouch Share Feature allows you to exchange contact information by simply bringing two phones close together. Forget the pain of carrying or scanning business cards. Just touch your phone with your contact’s, accept the request and voila!

Meant for both professional and personal use, StayTouch makes networking easy and smooth.

• CREATE MULTIPLE PROFILES FOR DIFFERENT OCCASIONS – We all know the pain of living by with only one business card and/or not knowing which contact information to share. StayTouch allows you to create multiple profiles digitally. Have them with you all the time and know exactly which profile to choose when meeting someone new.

• TOUCH THE PHONES TOGETHER TO SHARE CONTACT INFORMATION – Select a profile, “Touch” the two phones or bring two phones close together, accept the invitation mutually and voilà! Your contact details are exchanged.

• REMEMBER WHO YOU MET AND WHEN – By adding personal memos to every contact you can now remember tiny details that make a huge difference when networking. From kids names, last vacation travel, to who introduced you, Stay Touch acts as your personal assistant and makes you look like a rockstar at those important meetings.

• UPDATE AND NOTIFY YOUR CONTACTS AUTOMATICALLY – No need to send bulk emails or SMS about job, phone or email changes. Just update your profile and all contacts in your network are automatically informed.

• CREATE A RICH MEETING HISTORY – Keep track of current meetings and create clear reminders for your next ones by adding text memos, voice memos or pictorial memos. Simply open the application, click on contact details, and all details are easily accessible.

• SEND AUTOMATIC CALENDAR INVITES AND CREATE EVENTS – Create calendar events with your StayTouch contacts and eliminate the emails and calendar invitations. StayTouch automatically sends an in-app invite to your StayTouch contacts.

• ADD CONTACTS BY SMS AND EMAIL – If someone doesn’t use the application, you can still share your contact information within seconds by just entering your phone number or email.

• ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY BY SAVING MILLIONS OF TREES – Millions of trees are saved as StayTouch reduces the need to print business cards.

The StayTouch app is free to use and download.

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Note: StayTouch app is a phone-based app and does not currently support iPod and iPad.