Startline – Your Race Calendar – Alivex

Yes, someone finally did it! Startline is an app where you can discover endurance races all around the world and easily create your personal race calendar. Top it all, you can share your beautifully designed Startline Calendar with everyone!


Filter races by location, date, branch, distance, racecourse or just search with keywords to find out upcoming races.

If you don’t have a specific race in your mind and feeling a bit adventurous; check on all races as swipeable cards and discover totally new races from all corners of the world.

Add to your Startline:

Create your personal race calendar by adding races to your Startline. We’ll send you notifications and alerts on upcoming events to keep you in fighting trim! Plus, your Startline is modifiable, you can add/remove races anytime.


It’s always more fun when you broadcast the thrill. Share your Startline to motivate others and engage with fellow athletes en route.

You’ll have a link showcasing your personal Startline calendar in real-time, enabling you to share it on your Instagram Bio, Whatsapp Group Messages or basically anywhere else!

In-app Race Categories:

Trail running
Road running
Road cycling
Obstacle racing
Mountain bike cycling


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Actually, it’s only the beginning. We created Startline to solve an important problem for athletes in the endurance sports world. And we genuinely believe Startline will be your go-to app but this is just a first version. We hope to constantly improve Startline according to your needs. That’s why your feedback, reviews, and advice are critical. Please contact us via and share your thoughts.