Starazius – Jonathan Law

Arcade-inspired rogue-lite 3D space-shmup action!

Jump into your starship to save the star system from destruction at the hands of a mysterious enemy. Visit strange planets and regions as you head toward the source of this new danger, all while keeping the skies clear by mastering various unique weapons and abilities. Stash your golden shards so you can buy helpful items when you cross paths with interstellar shops, and obtain upgrades between areas so you can make it through the trials that lay ahead. You never know what will show up, so no two journeys will ever be the same!

Simple, Responsive Controls – Designed to be played on mobile first, Starazius uses intuitive swipe controls to allow precise aiming and movement so you can just enjoy the game.

Explore – Travel to different areas, encounter new enemies, master fun bonus zones, and take on challenging bullet-hell style bosses as you work your way towards their source!

Varied strategies – Choose between different play styles, with various ships and special abilities, each changing the way you can play the game.

Customize – Unlock a range of cusomization options to make the experience yours to enjoy!

Unique Weapons & Items – Find different weapons, shop for helpful items, and amass powerful perks that all work together to create a unique play experience!