St. Peter Catholic School – St. Peter Elementary School

We at Saint Peter School are a community of believers firmly bound by the teachings of the Catholic Church. Through an active commitment of following these teachings, we believe our faith will continue to grow as Saint Peter faces the difficulties, problems, and challenges in the new millennium. We believe that our students are children of God – unique individuals who have innate worth and are capable of attaining their fullest potential. We believe in excellence in education, provided by a well-qualified faculty and staff, with a curriculum that serves the spiritual, moral, physical, and intellectual needs of all students. We also believe in nurturing a sense of community by instilling in our students the values of respect, reverence, responsibility, and service to their peers, family, neighbors, and the world beyond. We believe that educating and guiding young people is the shared responsibility of the parents, school, Church, and the community. Our mobile app is intended to help our staff, students, parents, and entire Catholic community easily connect, helping all to engage in the process of educating our students.