St. Lawrence School Samana – Solitaire Infosys

School Diary24 is a wonderful app that reduces manual efforts by automating all the managerial and administrative tasks. It allows smooth communication between the teachers and parents and lets you track the real-time location of the school bus.The app contains 3 modules – the Student/Parent module, the Teacher module, and the Principal module.
For Parents
This module allows the parents to have access to their kid’s records at school. Following are the features of the modules-
• Attendance
• Leaves
• Result & Achievements
• Event Notifications
• Bus Tracking
• G.K
• Exam Report
It is an effective way to stay connected with the teachers and keep a check on the child’s performance.
For Teachers
The teachers can keep the parents updated with their ward’s activities and performance in the school. The app automates daily routine tasks for the teachers and lets them solely focus on teaching the students. Various features of the module are-
• Attendance
• Homework
• Exams
• Leaves
• Results
• Parents List – For Emergency Call & Message
For Principal
The app lets the Principal of the school easily manage the staff attendance records and time table. Also, this module lets the Principal stay updated with important news and notifications of various events happening on the school campus.
• Attendance
• Time Table
• Notifications
• Bus Tracking

There are a lot more benefits that the School Diary24 app offers. Download the app and explore numerous features to make your school a smart school.