Spotte me – Spot me inc

Join the community of gym users to find your workout partner. Be able to create a profile and actively filter through the best workout partner for you. Set plans to meet up with your partner and get ready to meet you fitness goals. Track your workouts and set your goals. Whether you are already bodybuilder or just looking to find the motivation to go to the gym, you’ll find everything you need to get that partner to get you there.

-Customize your own Picture
-Set specific goals that you want to achieve
-Determine which muscle group or routine you would like to focus on the most

Search For Your Partner
-Filter through gym users near you with options like what gym they use, what muscle group they are working on, how close they are, and the intensity that they go at
-Find the right workout partner for you and add them to your partners list
-Message them to set dates on where and what you want to workout

Plan A Workout
-Request a workout with anyone of your workout partners
-Set specific date and time of where you want to workout
-Set recurring workouts to plan your schedule