Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare! – Mikhail Vakulenko

Mobile Version of Spin the Bottle Game – a legendary game for adults, which will help to have fun in the company of friends.

Spin the Bottle rules are no different from the original fun. To start with, you will need a company of 2 people to 12 people and an installed mobile application “Spin the Bottle”. Next, participants take turns to spin the bottle

+ 1500 game cards of various difficulty. From the most simple and innocent to really hardcore
+ 2 to 12 players
+ 7 original card decks
+ Cards take into account the number and gender of participants in the game
+ Bonus points for completing the card. At the end of the game you will find out who is the bravest!
+ Eye-catching and well-designed interface
+ 25 cards in a free trial deck + unlimited cards for viewing ads
+ Works without the Internet. Download for the trip!
+ Interface and Content in 9 Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Deutsch, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch

+ “For a Get-Together”
+ “The First date”
+ “For Lovebirds”
+ “Flirty-Dirty”
+ “Flirty-Dirty. Hardcore”
+ “Alcoparty”.
+ “Alcoparty. Hardcore”

25 task and question cards are available in the game for free.
In the game you can buy any of the decks additionally or subscribe to all at once.

Our company is not responsible for the consequences of the game and the problems created by players. Players must perform tasks at their own risk. The tasks of the application are not at risk, but we are not responsible for problems created by users on their devices and the people around them.