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Coaching is a vessel for self-discovery. It’s a personal development tool that has been proven to support social and emotional intelligence. It’s the kind of Guidance that empowers you to step up and into what you’re really made of. It will help transform how you see yourself, refine your values, and make those in-the-moment shifts you know you really need.

You can expect to gain:
– self-awareness
– a new perspective
– focus + determination
– clarity + direction
– a mindset shift
– course correction
– increased optimism
– feeling grounded + present
– feeling purposeful

Mostly, it works for people who want to live purposefully, find balance, level-up and play bigger. And Sphere? We are here to power the magic.


1. We learn about you, where you’re at and what you want to work on.
2. You are intelligently matched to vetted, qualified and professionally trained coaches. Hello matching algo!
3. You grow with a Sphere of Guides customized to your needs. Yup, coaching in your pocket: from personal to professional, and from mindfulness to leadership.
4. We take care of the experience seamlessly. Connecting, scheduling and sessions all happen in the app.

– When you work with Sphere, you aren’t restricted to just one coach or one type of coach. We have over 160+ Guides: life coaches, leadership coaches, business coaches, executive coaches, health coaches, communication coaches.
– Coaches outside of Sphere charge up to 70% more (because it costs them a lot to run and maintain their practice). But we make it super easy for them, so you get high quality coaching, at a reduced rate.
– Committing to growing as a person, is made as accessible as signing up to your favorite gym. Our membership model is one-of-kind.

Download, dive-in and start your free trial.

We’ve got some serious wisdom in our orbit, with backing from world-class experts in the fields of Wellbeing & Peak Performance. We’re backed by great leadership minds coming from Lululemon, The Marcus Buckingham Company, Headspace, Thinx and even a decorated NHL athlete.

We’re amplifying the impact of Guidance because we believe that a curious world is a conscious world. When there is alignment between our beliefs and our behaviours — there is humanity and fulfillment. And, we think that’s dope.

+++ FUN FACT: We’re female founded!

QUESTIONS? > We’ve got your back: hq@sphereishere.com

Just grow for it,
Dev & The Crew