Souveni – Japan Souvenir Guide – BeBridge, inc.

Do you know that there are attractive and wonderful souvenirs in Japan?

Don’t you feel the challenge?
・Information is out of date when searching
・Guidebooks are too standard.
・Package in Japanese only
・Can’t understand the language even if ask the staff.

The solution to this problem is the souvenir information service 「souveni」.

1.Multi-language / multi-currency support
The content supports English, Chinese and Japanese, and the price of the product corresponds to the multicurrency.
You can know the information you want to know in an easy-to-understand way.
(Traditional Chinese, Korean and Spanish will also be available one after another.)

2.Attractive content and product stories
In addition to souvenir information such as long-established stores, famous confectionery and local sake unique to the area
Through story articles that convey producers’ thoughts and products,
You can touch new discoveries and producers’ thoughts.

3.Rich search capabilities
You can search from photos, product category and area.
The function to search by the current location, you can also look for products that are popular in the vicinity.
It is convenient for the free time of a little travel destination, and the search for the souvenir in the vicinity.

4.Navigation using the latest technology (AR)
The way to the shop is equipped with ar navigation function in addition to the navigation from the map.
We want to solve things that we can’t get to where we want to be.

5.Dissemination of information through wish list and timeline
You can create a wish list for your favorite products.
Your wish list can be used to share it with your friends or to make it public.
In conjunction with the timeline, you can send out the charm of the destination and products.

Through “souveni”, we want you to know the charm of the local area and the feelings of the producers.
What I want to deliver is the best travel experience and the smile when I discover it.

Let’s discover memoriable local souvenirs with us, “Souveni”!